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My hubby is a self-confessed cuck, and I can’t complain! We we’re able to get ratings on my pics, plus messages (a few of which turned into paid content sales) – so overall, awesome!

Recommending to all my our cuck friends!

Lynsey & Greg

Unique platform for wife/gf ratings and more!

Get ratings and get paid! Love it! You gotta be careful – some people will message asking for more free content. Be clear on what you offer beyond what you post here, and take payment before sending your xxx snaps.


Simple site that does an awesome job!

One of my biggest turn-ons is having strangers rate me, and describe what they’d like to do to me. So this platform is perfect for me and my partner. We made our listing fee back in a week through paid content sales, and it seems like we’ll be making a tidy profit too! Happy to rate this site a big fat 5 stars!


US based cuck couple!

So cool! Can get ratings on my beautiful wife, which makes me feel even luckier to have her! We met a few great people on this site, which has led to more of what we like – sex and money!

Joe and Joanna

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My Wife Zainab

My wife is a 27 year old Pakistani chick with long hair and high sex desire.

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Hi My names Brooke. Submissive wife here to please you all. Rate my pictures and tell my husband what you’d like to do to me […]

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Cute Asian little secret

100% real Asian. happy to please and customise your request. My boyfriend doesn’t know this naughty side of me. I enjoy touching myself daily and […]

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Our little secret

Hi Guys (and Gals ;D). This is my girlfiend “dana” 34 laid back southern ebony girly-girl we enjoy reading books and watching sci-fi movies It’s […]

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Ashley wife

Hi! This is my hotwifeI’m Ashley! 💋Hope you enjoy and rate her. She loves hot yoga, dancing, traveling, and cooking! First thing every morning she […]

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